Loos Interiors


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Loos Interiors

These unique architectonic gems were created by the world-famous architect Adolf Loos in the early 20th century, and while they include eight apartment interiors that were occupied by rich investors of the Jewish community, four of them are open for the public: the Apartment of the Kraus Family (10 Bendova Street), the Apartment of Doctor Vogl (12 Klatovska Street), the Brummel House (58 Husova Street) and the Semler House (110 Klatovska Street, under construction until 2021). Apart from experiencing the extraordinary first-republic design, a guided tour provides an interesting insight into the Jewish community's life and fate, as each of the interiors hides its own story of fate, and these stories simultaneously illustrate historic events of WW II, and consequently of the Communist regime as well.

Do & See

Pilsen city shape is dominated by impressive buildings and even more breathtaking historical monuments that cannot missed out when admiring the 'skyline', but you should also head there for having a proper look around. Take your time and stroll around in the city centre, as all the sights (and sites) are within walking distance, and you will probably find some hidden gem that you can then advise your friends.