Patton Memorial Pilsen


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Patton Memorial Pilsen

This memorial is the only museum in the Czech Republic dedicated to the US Army, reminding of the unforgettable happenings at the end of WW II. As exhibiting more than 1500 items about the liberation of Pilsen by the allied armies, with showing personal objects of soldiers, parts of armaments, sanitary material and equipment for sports, the local stay of American soldiers from May to November 1945 and the period of the post-war reconciliation are displayed most detailed.

Do & See

Pilsen city shape is dominated by impressive buildings and even more breathtaking historical monuments that cannot missed out when admiring the 'skyline', but you should also head there for having a proper look around. Take your time and stroll around in the city centre, as all the sights (and sites) are within walking distance, and you will probably find some hidden gem that you can then advise your friends.