St Bartholomew's Cathedral


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St Bartholomew's Cathedral

This Gothic cathedral on the Republic Square creates a dominant feature not only for the square and the historical centre but also for the city's whole silhouette. Its majestic interior is definitely worth a visit, as on the main altar, the world-wide known Pilsen Madonna – the most famous work of the Czech Gothic style– can be admired, while on the rear side outside the cathedral, one of the small metal-forged angels will let your wishes, with a touch, become true. You can also visit the tower, the highest one in the Czech Republic, that features wonderful views over the surrounding region.

Do & See

Pilsen city shape is dominated by impressive buildings and even more breathtaking historical monuments that cannot missed out when admiring the 'skyline', but you should also head there for having a proper look around. Take your time and stroll around in the city centre, as all the sights (and sites) are within walking distance, and you will probably find some hidden gem that you can then advise your friends.